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3G Internet Availabe in Everest Base Camp

Beside the excitement of mountain climbing now you can also enjoy internet facility with 3G network. Mobile communication is now available to the mountain climber in the highest mountain of the world, Mount Everest and also in Everest base camp. Now you can share your experience about Everest climbing with your near and dear ones through video calling, browse the internet on mobile phone get updated about your home town in spite of being there in Everest camp.

3g Internet Tower in Everest
3g Internet Tower in Everest


A Nepalese telecommunication company called NCELL which is the subsidiary of Swedish Phone Company has set up 3G base station of broadband mobile communication. One of the representatives of NCELL made a statement regarding NCELL is that today NCELL is making the world?s highest video call from Mount Everest base camp successfully. The coverage of the network will reach up to the peak of the Everest. The 3G base station of mobile communication is helping thousands of trekkers who visit the Everest region every year with the aim to reach the Everest base camp. The 3G service is fast enough to make video call without any interruption.

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