Glorious Himalaya

Wildlife in Chitwan National Park

Nepal is a fascinating country, a mixed of wildlife adventure and everlasting ice. In 1973, The Royal Chitwan Park became the first Nepalese nature reserve, a hundred years after the inauguration of yeast on park. Located in mix tropical jungle, this national park was founded as a reservation for the great Indian rhinoceros. The plains extend for more than a thousand square kilometers and 70% is covered by sour forest and 20% by elephant grass. Some years ago, these region wild animals were hunting resulting in the slot of countless tigers and rhinoceros that were almost completely wipe out.

True adventure safaris by elephant, the Mahoot (elephant rider) skillfully lead the ambling giants through the bush. Travelling through the jungle on the back of an elephant of its group protections from the rhinoceros and other animals, the elephant is a safe means of transport here. In the past ten years, this region rhinoceros population has declined from around 2,000 to 100. Today, the national park is the biggest tourist attraction on the ride on an elephant belongs to. Jeep safari are a particularly useful feature of the park, they travel through dense forest in which there are around 550 varieties of birds. Teasing animal tracks is vital part of the jeep tour, constantly on the look after wild animals. We travel by boat on the Narayani River. Here are crocodile and dolphins, if we are lucky we may actually spot them. The evening sun sets slowly above the river, strength sun at night come from the dense jungle.

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