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Bird Watching in Nepal

Nepal has become a destination for bird watching. It is estimated that 850 species of birds are found in Nepal. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in southeastern part of the country in the Terai along the mighty Koshi River has emerged as the main bird sanctuary in the country in spite of the fact that it started as a reserve for wild buffaloes. Chitwan National park also has many interesting spots for bird watching including the well known Bees Hazar Tal or ?Twenty Thousand Lakes? situated just outside the park. It is estimated that 120 species, of birds were observed in Chitwan compared to 172 at Kosi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Many hotels inside the National Park and in the Village of Sauraha have trained naturalists.
There are also birdwatching spots in Kathmandu Valley. It is estimated that 500 species are found in the valley alone. Among the popular spots in the valley include Phulchoki hills (2770m) and Godawori (1520m) in the southern part of the valley. Among birds seen include babblers, warblers and woodpeckers. Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve situated in the hills in the northern part of the valley and Nagarjun Royal Forest in the western part also have a variety of birds such as pheasants, bonelli?s eagles and blue magpies. Gokarna forest also have brown wood owl, speckled mountain thrush and orange headed ground thrush. Other places in the wetlands of the valley include Taudaha Lake and banks of Manohara river, one of the tributaries of the Bagmati river.
Nepal also contains a bird called Spiny Babbler which is found only inside its own borders. It has been sighted in Phulchoki and Godawori in Kathmandu valley and also at Naudanda near Pokhara.

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