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Dashain – Biggest festival of Nepal

Vijayadashami or Dashain is the biggest festival of the year in Nepal. It falls in September or October and is observed by Hindu and non-Hindu Nepalese around the globe. The 10th day of Dashain is Vijayadashami, literally means ?the victory over evils?. On the occasion, elders put Tika and Jamara on the forehead of younger members of the family. They offer ?Dakshina? after receiving the Tika and Jamara.On the eighth day of Dashain, people offer sacrifice of goats, buffaloes, chicken etc. to goddess Durga. Meat is heavily consumed after the sacrifice taken as the gift of god. People visit their relatives and exchange greetings through the 15 days of the festival. Goddess Durga symbolized as ?the Divine Power? is worshipped during the festival all over Nepal. Buying of new clothes, merry-making, flying kites, visiting relatives, and gambling are the major activities carried out in Dashain.

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