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Help the Nepal’s earthquake victims

# Let?s pray for Nepal
# Let?s help for Nepal
25th April, 2015 was marked as the black day for Nepal when earthquake of 7.8 rector scale hit Nepal killing around 8000 people and making many more thousands of people injured and homeless. Making Barpak, Gorkha its epicenter, this earthquake had affected around 17 to 18 districts among which 8 districts were highly affected. Today the whole Nepal is paying its effort to help and reunites our country. So people lets unite and rebuild Nepal.

Going through Dhading district, being the neighboring district of Gorkha, Dhading district too has been badly hit by this earthquake. It is estimated that around 800 people have been died till the date in dhading district and many people are injured and homeless. The government is trying its best to rescue and provide them with necessary requirements to the victim. But the alone effort of the government is not enough. So we are planning to collect funds and provide necessary requirements to the victim. We are planning to help the people of jyamrung V.D.C, one of the most remote village which is destroyed V.D.C of dhading. The livelihood of this village is agriculture. They are farmers growing subsistence crops the rest of the year. Now they are facing loss of thousands of dollars to their homes, unlikely income in the coming year as tourism will probably drop, and the monsoon rains beginning in a month or so. Among 30, 29 houses are totally destroyed and every people are homeless and they are still taking shelter under the open sky. So we want to request all of you to help us in raising fund and help jyamrung V.D.C. we need around $3000 per house to rebuild jyamrung V.D.C. there is no any individual motive in collecting the fund. The fund will be used to help to rebuild the houses of the villagers. You can transfer the money through the bank and western union money transfer. OR You can also donate online through this link The bank details are as follows:-

Account Name : Ganesh Bahadur Gurung (Manger of Glorious Himalaya Trekking)
Accound Number : 001062080
Bank Name : Siddartha Bank Limited
Swift code : SIDDNPKA

Your small help will be useful to bring great smiles in the life of victims. This is not for the publication, it’s for humanity unite and your solidarity.

About Us
We are a team from Glorious Himalaya Trekking. This is an adventure holidays trekking agency, and we are trying to help for those people who are not well approached with the necessary requirements. It is the effort of a team and detailed information will be kept regarding collection and distribution of fund. We had already provided them with a sack of rice per house, salt, mattress, sanitary pad, tent and some medicine. Since they were not enough, it?s our further effort to provide further relief to the victims. We need to help provide them with basic needs such as food, water, clothes and shelter. Our staff will personally purchase and deliver the supplies to them. Our office manager, Ganesh Gurung, will oversee all distributions and will work with our Accounting staff to keep a detailed ledger regarding all donations received, supplies purchased and distributions provided. We have attached some of the photos as evidence.


Earthquake victims of Nepal
Earthquake victims of Nepal




Nepal earthquake relief food
Nepal earthquake relief food
relief fund for the earthquake victims
relief fund for the earthquake victims

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  1. Sending heartfelf best wishes for you and all the Himalayan people, all the supporters there! Hold strong friends, hope the worst is ended by now ! Namast

  2. Thank you , I am now donating little every morning and evening, or
    make image post for donation also how to . I saw here account and
    articles …. can I translate in Japanese user in tsu or another ?

    1. Dear Usapon, please you can proceed to post on Tsu by translating in Japanese. Your support is priceless. Thank you very much. I hope we will get more donation from your side.

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