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Nepal Culture Tour emphasized your visit by observing the historical monuments, old cities, UNESCO world heritage sites, people lifestyle and cultural events. Today, we identify in the world as our Nepali culture which is germinated and developed in the Kathmandu valley from the beginning of the first century. Nepal is one of the richest cultural diversity countries in the world even it?s a small country.

After the initiation of democracy in 1951, Nepal has been opened for the foreigners to see the grandeur and opulence of Nepalese culture. The different ruling dynasties patronized Nepali culture, but in essence, it has been a people culture ? a culture nurtured by the people through the ages. So, today there is no cultural events happen in Nepal without the people?s participation. Newari communities from Kathmandu, who develop the indigenous inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley, are best known for their artistic creativity and skilled craftsmanship.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful and peaceful multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country in the world. The ethnic unity and religious harmony maintained by the Nepalese against such diversity are truly remarkable and have been acknowledge internationally.

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