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Mt. Kailash – Holy Mountain

Within the mountain range rises the lone, monolithic Mt. Kailash – a holy mountain in Tibet, revered as the most sacred mountain on earth by four different religions : Hinduism, Buddhism, Jain and Bon. Legend proclaims that the human world meets the god realm on its immaculate snow-capped 6638 meters summit. Pilgrims and travelers have long come here from around the world, including ragged nomads, Hindu holy men, western adventurers and jewel-adorned aristocrats on horseback. Their goal is to complete the ancient, shrine studded pilgrim trail that circles Mt. Kailash base believing that a single circumambulation around this magical mountain burns away a thousand years of ignorance and bad karma. There are other select sacred sites in the region to visit upon request.

  • Lake Manasarovar
  • Nandi Richi Caves
  • Inner route parikrama
  • Thirthapuri
  • Milarepa footprints
  • Guge : a lost kingdom

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