Glorious Himalaya

Responsible trekking in the Himalayas

Responsible trekking in the Himalayas meas do not disturb the nature and culture. And the key to responsible trekking is awareness:

  • Be aware of local regulations and ensure your trekking companions and support staff abide by them.
  • Be aware that even one person contributes to environmental degradation and adopt conservation practices.
  • Be aware of local customs and beliefs and how to respect them.
  • Be aware of the impression you are leaving behind of your country.
  • Be aware that the Himalayas are someone else’s home and treat the area with the care you would want others to give your home.
  • Remove all unnecessary packaging before you leave home.
  • Buy high qualities batteries, which will last longer tan inferior local brands and take them home with your. (tip-don’t let batteries get cold put them in your sleeping bag at night to maintain the charge.)
  • Bring suitable clothing that can be worn in layers to keep you warm in the evenings.
  • Plastic bottles of mineral water are a major disposal problem-bring iodine tablets for clean drinking water.
  • Bring enough strong waterproof bags to pack out all your garbage.

One thought on “Responsible trekking in the Himalayas

  1. it’s absolutely true!
    it’s what I’m trying to do since longtime as a tourist…. if local people only would do the same…..
    best regards

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