Glorious Himalaya

Best time to trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a land widely blessed with its natural, cultural, biological and historical beauties and enrichments. Nepal is undoubtedly one of the mostly preferred destinations for tourist in the whole globe. But Nepal is not all about its beauties only. Nepal is a global choice also for adventurous stuffs, mainly trekking and mountaineering. Nepal offers you easy routes, ranging up to difficult and challenging high passes. Everyone can enjoy trekking in Nepal as you can walk over smooth trials, upgrading to adventurous ones. The best point about Trekking in Nepal is that you can have the magical view of mountain peaks and enjoy the melodious sound of beautiful birds while conquering the heights and rough trials. Mainly Nepal has four seasons in a year i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Out of them, Spring and Autumn seasons are considered to be the best to enjoy the vacation in Nepal. But here we are going to introduce you about Spring Season.

Also known as the king of seasons, spring season starts from the month of March and lasts till the last of May. This season is considered to be the best season for mountaineering and trekking as the weather in this season is found to be clean and clear. There will be most minimum chances of random climate changes, which will help you go fluently as per your planned schedule which is probably best part while mountaineering and trekking. You will not have to face any problems because of haphazard changes in weather. This season is also known as the season of flowers as the beautiful and colorful flowers start to blossom out of the bud. This season offers you the view of wild floras blossoming, which mainly includes rhododendrons above 3,000m and making this beautiful Nepal no lesser than a paradise. The hills in the higher altitudes are covered with red rhododendrons which will make you feel alive observing the beauty. On the other hand, the days are warmer which makes the walking on high altitudes easier and more comfortable, plus you have the clearest view of mountain peaks as you pass above 4,000 meters. During this season, the Annapurna region are covered with colorful rhododendron flowers, which will make you overwhelmed as you can have the view of snowy cones standing just above the beautiful flowers. Similarly, the pleasant environment will help you have the clearest view of mountains in the Everest region

So, welcome you to the paradise in the upcoming spring season. We can guarantee that you will have one of the best time of your life in Nepal. So come, stay and explore Himalaya region.

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