Mt Kailash Trek Via Limi Valley

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Mt Kailash Trek Via Limi Valley

DURATION29 Days ATTITUDE5630m (Dolma La Pass) STARTS ATKathmandu ENDS ATKathmandu GRADEEasy to Difficult GROUP SIZEMinimum of 4 people ACCOMODATION3 star deluxe hotel in Kathmandu, Nepalgunj and tented camp during the trek. MEALSBreakfast in Kathmandu & Nepalgunj hotel and all the three meals (B.L.D.) with hot tea and coffee during the trek. TRANSPORT Flight and Private Jeep in Nepal and Private vehicles during the Tibet tour.

Trip Highlights

  • Kailash Kora/Parikrama (56km trail) for two and a half days.
  • Spiritual journey to Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar Lake.
  • Natural Hot Springs, Old Monasteries, Tibetan Medical School at Darchen.
  • Remote trek on the border of Tibet
  • Quite Limi valley and glorious scenery

Trip Overview

Mt Kailash Trek via Limi Valley program can be a bit strenuous and tiring at times because of the long and fatiguing walking duration each day. However, the physical challenge is compensated with unforgettable views of the naturally blessed Himalayan landscapes of Nepal and Tibet if you fallow Mt kailash trek via Limi valley.

Mt Kailash trek via Limi valley begins from Simikot where we arrive after two flights, one from Kathmandu and the other from Nepalgunj. After the actual trek begins we begin a long journey on foot through Nepal, and Tibet and to the holy Mount Kailash. Our return journey is a pleasant drive through Tibet and into Nepal across the Friendship Bridge, that divides the two nations.

Limi located western north part of Nepal. Limi valley was an ancient salt trading and pilgrimage route to border of between Nepal and Tibet {China}. Now a day, most of pilgrims and trading route used to over Nara La not to Nyalu La. Limi is far from modern touched and it self?s pure Tibetan Buddhism cultural. Limi seems isolated location of Nepal and people almost unknown about Government of Nepal. Mt kailash trek via Limi valley, you will get chance to see snowleopard, blue sheep, musk deer, Jackle, Hyenas and many mores wild so far.

Actually, Humla is still off beaten trek destination. Specially, Limi valley is mythical Shangri-La. In the Humla region. You will visit few trekkers in spring and summer and of course, less in Limi valley. There is the marital relationship between western Nepal Humla ann Tibet. During Limi valley, it offers fresh spiritual and energetic feeling and eyeful glorious Himalaya view. Mt kailash trek via limi Valley, you need to climb up to 4,990 meters above sea level which pass called Nyalu La.

Check out our fixed itinerary for Mt Kailash Trek via Limi Valley or just send us an email and we’ll tailor make an itinerary based on your requirements.


Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu 1335m You will be warm welcomed at airport by our office representative and then you will transfer to hotel. Our staff will give brief explanation about the program.
Day 2 : Leisure day in Kathmandu. (Optional: Sightseeing tour around Kathmandu) This day, you will visit many cultural heritages, which includes some of the famous world's heritages like Pashupatinath, Swyambhunath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bouddhanath stupa and many more. You can do shopping various Nepalese cultural stuffs in this day. And Back to hotel for overnight.
Day 3 : Flight to Nepalgunj - (150m) Today in the evening take flight for Nepalgunj which is about 1 hour and then transfer to your hotel from Nepalgunj airport. Overnight in hotel on full board meals. 
Day 4 : Early morning flight to Simikot (2910m) and trek to Dharapuri - (2270m) 3 hrs Trek This late afternoon we take flight to Nepalgunj about an hour. Nepalgunj is far west crowded city. This city is close to India. There is a border between Nepal and India, called Rupadiya border. Nepalgunj is too hot, this is why we manage late afternoon flight. Transfer to Hotel from Nepalgunj airport about 4 to 7 kilometer. Overnight in hotel on full board meals. 
Day 5 : Trek to Kermi - (2690m) 5 hrs Trek After breakfast we start our trek for Kermi. We walk today abuout four to five hour. Normally, we make lunch camp at Kermi. We suggest you to carry some dry food always with you & do not walk far from your group each other because on the way we meet sometime domestic animals which can push you into the Karnali & it is cliffy trail. Today we encounter with a beautiful waterfall & we do follow Karnali river. It is really amazing scenery of the trip. And this day, could be strong sun so far. Late afternoon visit hot spring, about 30 minutes above your camping ground. Overnight at tented camp on full board meals. 
Day 6 : Trek to Chumsa/Salle Khola valley - (3400m) 4 hrs Trek While we reach to a small pass which called Salle pass then we follow right side small trail as flat one. We do not follow the trail which leading down. Afterward, we walk still pine forest and then Rhododentron as well roots of Rhododendron. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day 7 : Trek to Dharmasala - (4200m) 3 hrs Trek It seems short distance but we do have very careful because we are in area of the potential altitude area. We keep on following the beautiful river which coming from the left valley of Dharamsala. It?s a beautiful valley. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day 8 : Trek to Nyalu La pass (4990m) and Talung camp - (4380m) 7 hrs Trek Today is one of the hardest days of the trip. We should carry self more enough drinking water & something to eat like dry foods. Our kitchen team provides to everybody some pack lunch to eat on the way somewhere. There is three parts to reach the tp. First part is steeply ascended & rocky, afterwards visit a beautiful lake, second is slightly flat and the last part again steep. Today, you could have seen plateau of Tibet and Mt kailsh if weather permitted. From the Nyalu La 4990m top trail follows descend about an hour then mostly flat next two hours. It?s marvelous landscape. People grow buckwheat, barley & potatoes. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day 9 : Trek to Jang - (4070m) 4 hrs Trek At Takchi, there are two trail, one takes little shorter but you have to cross the cold river with put off your shoes and another longer where fixed suspension bridge. It?s different about forty minutes in between. From the Takchi village, trail follows to the Tibet via Mt Garula Mandata but for the foreigner not permitted. If you have flexible time and which already could have arranged itinerary before arranged permits then could have a excursion day here to follow the this trail. Today, we trek down to Jang which one of the biggest village of the Limi valley & path follows so beautiful & calm peace valley with incredible scenery. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day10 : Trek to Halji - (3670m) 3 hrs Trek We follow the same valley to get Halji. It?s again naturally beauty valley & we continue head to Halji. It is big village with the centuries old monastery and farming like barley, wheat, buckwheat & potatoes. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day11 : Rest day Today, after group discussion can move to Til which is not so far. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day12 : Trek to Til - (3600m) 2 hrs Trek It's scenic valley through tress & field & calm southing of small river. Above the Til, there is also village where we do not visit but if you are interested to visit this village then climb up to the village but for the night you have to come back to the camp. Today, we could go ahead but lack of water we stop at Til. Our guide could get information about the water and the campsite then could go further which makes no need to stay at Manepeme, go direct to Hilsa. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day13 : Trek to Manepeme - (3970m) 2 hrs Trek Today, we ascend long trail and descend too. It is amazing landscape and can see Karnali river. We have to set up our camp under the big rocks at Manememe. Somebody used to sleep under the rocks. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day14 : Trek to Hilsa border and drive to Purang - (3770m) 3 hrs Trek Trail is narrow and cliff, as you seen befow into Karnali is so deep. This is why be concentrated while walk on you path. Our crew from Tibet, waiting to us. Before cross the border you need to provide some greetings & tipping to the crew who came from Simikot with us.And then drive to Purang about half an hour. Do not take with you any books, papers, flags, pictures which against to China & never try to take pictures around the Chinese officially side, specially military camp so on. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day15 : Drive to Tirthapuri - (4320m) 3 hrs Trek After breakfast & if in previous day could not have finished officially documentation, finish it then drive to Tirthapuri via Darchen with scenery of the Tibetan plateau, Mt Gurla Mandata, Rashkyas Tal {lake}, Manosarovar lake & Mt Kailash. At Tirthapuri, there is a hot spring. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day16 : Rest day (Optional excursion) Today is rest day, we will wash clothing & if camp ground is not clean we do clean, take bath. There is bath house where you need to pay certain amount. We will visit around Padma Shambhaba caves monasteries & go for Kora. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day17 : Drive to Darchen - (4670m) 2 hrs Drive We drive back to Darchen {foot of the mount Kailash}, Visit around Darchen town & also Tibetan medicine center as well. If possible try to visit above Darchen for acclimatization & beware from the dogs. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day18 : Trek to Drirapuk and start Kailash Parikrama - (5060m) 5 hrs Trek Today, we start Mount Kailash kora from Darchen & certain camping stuffs carried by our supporter truck till Tarpoche tea shop then load on Yaks then start trekking from there our crew also. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day19 : Trek to Dolma La Pass- (5630m) 3 hrs and to Zutulpuk - (4700m) 3 hrs Trek This is the most important day of Kailash tour. Today we wake up early morning & after breakfast start to win the life timeline. We ascend approximately three hours to top of the Dolma La Pass 5630 meter abve sea level. & next 3 hours {first an hour gradually steeply descend} more to reach to the campsite. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day20 : Trek for 3 hours and drive to Horcho Manasarovar lake - (4582m) This is the most important day of Kailash tour. Today we wake up early morning & after breakfast start to win the life timeline. We ascend approximately three hours to top of the Dolma La Pass 5630 meter abve sea level. & next 3 hours {first an hour gradually steeply descend} more to reach to the campsite. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day21 : Rest day Explore around, washing the stuffs & visit Manosarovar lake. We will be at the lake till Chiu Gompa camp and mostly as high as Horchu. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day22 : Drive to Thrugu Gompa From the campsite we start to walk and after walking about an hour visit the Seralung monastery. Still, you can walk the direction of the campsite about an hour more and drive to the camp. It's a half day trip. Evening visit the Trugu Monastery. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day23 : Drive to Chiu Gompa camp (Visit Gosul Gompa in between) Today, we drive till Gosul Gompa and then can start to walk to Chiu gompa about 2/3 hours. Our staffs already could have set the camp at Chiu. There is a hot spring where you can take bath with certain amount paying. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day24 : Rest dayLeisure Day
Day25 : Drive to Dzongba (beside Brahmaputra) or New Dzongba - (4500m) 5 hrs Drive This is the day of retuning to home. Today, we drive about 5/6 hours along the scenic landscape such Manisar, Payang & Bhramaputra with high passes above 5200m and behind our right hand side mountains lies Nepal along the way. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day26 : Drive to Pilku Tso lake. Optional early morning drive to Zhangmu border) - (4330m) 5 hrs Drive We drive along the interesting landscape with some passes. We can stop our Jeeps for take pictures. We drive via Saga, cross the bridge of Bhrama Putra at Saga & continue drive to Pigutso. There is a lake but before Pigutso we could see one lake which is not Pigutso. This night will be colder than before because of our campsite will be close to Mount Shishapangma 8013m {highest mountain of Tibet}. You can walk to visit the Pigutso lake from the campsite about quarter hour. If you are decided not to stay at Pigutso then can be drive to Dzangmu next 3/4 hours. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day27 : Drive to Zhangmu - (2300m) 4 hrs Drive Today, we drive to Dzangmu via Thong la pass above 5100m & massive view of Mount Shishapangma to the right hand side and front peaks. Some of them lies in Tibet & some in Nepal like peaks of Rolwaling. And road brings you descend via Melarepa cave before reach to Nyalam 3782m. While descend from Thong la, it?s bring you greenery scenery and easy to taking breath. From Nyalam, drives between big hills and follow the Bhote Koshi, its scenic scenery along the way. This evening better to make programmed to tipping to the crew of Tibetan. Overnight in tented camp on full board meals. 
Day28 : Drive for 20 minutes up to the Friendship Bridge and head to Kathmandu Today, we are leaving Tibet land. Dzangmu where we stayed for the last night to friendship bridge {border}, we drive about half an hour & our Tibetan guide prepared all necessary custom pass papers & time to say bye to Tibetan friends. Hen after we drive about 5 hours for Kathmandu along the items of the different kinds of scenery of beauty nature of Nepal. Overnight Hotel on B B plan {Bed & breakfast}.
Day29 : Departure to your destination Today is your departure day, we will drop you to the International airport to catch your flight back to your home and pray for your Safe journey.



  • All the airport and hotel shuttle
  • All the domestic flights and surface transporation as per the itinerary.
  • 3 nights hotel accommodation in Kathmandu city at 3 star hotel inclusive bed and breakfast.
  • 1 night hotel accommodation in Nepalgunj city inclusive full board meals.
  • All the essential trekking permits of Nepal and Tibet parts and monasteries entry fees.
  • China visa fees
  • All the essential camping and kitchen equipments such as tents, mattress and kitchen utensil.
  • Supporting porters and mules to carry your luggage, camping equipments and foods.
  • Twin sharing tented accommodation during the trip.
  • Full board meals with hot tea and coffee during the trek.
  • An expert English speaking Nepal trekking guide for Nepal part and Tibetan guide for Tibet part.
  • A Comprehensive medical kit box.
  • Farewell dinner in typical Nepali restaurant in Kathmandu.


  • International air fare
  • Helicopter charter cost to Simikot from Nepalgunja, on flight cancellation due to bad weather.
  • Expenses of the personal nature and any alcoholic and soft drinks.
  • Restaurant food bills in the tour, if the clients decide to go in the restaurant during our camping period.
  • Guesthouses cost where ever out of the plan
  • Nepal re-entry visa fee.
  • Riding horse along the trek.
  • Extra night hotels in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj than our plan.
  • Nepal visa which obtained at the airport on arrival {bring 4 copies passport size picture too}